Cristina script writing research by Daniel Ford

Script writing ideas

For Cristina’s class we all had to work in groups of three people, in our groups we had to write a list of possible storyline for each of our scripts. In my group we all came up with all these possible subjects to base our script on.

  • Mental health, Disability
  • LGBT
  • Bullying
  • Racism
  • Stereotype
  • Alcohol and drug abuse
  • Sexual abuse and child abuse
  • Animal abuse
  • Elderly
  • Child labour
  • Abusive relationships
  • Refugees
  • Prostitution
  • Human trafficking
  • Transportation
  • Police brutality
  • Religion
  • Poverty
  • Vulnerable woman and men
  • Paedophiles and rapists
  • Knife crime
  • Illegal weapons
  • Hate crime
  • Arrange marriage

For Cristina’s class I wanted to have a look at rape for one of my possible story lines, I decided to research into charities that woman and men can go to if they are victims of domestic violence and rape. After researching into charities and speaking about the state of rapes and violence I chose to research into homophobic bullying.


Victim picture

This is a picture of a rape victim, rape is one of the most common crimes that are being broken all over the world. Rape can happen to women and to men, rape is an act where a woman or man is forced to form a sexual act when they don’t want to perform the act. There aren’t many films that deal with this subject, in Pulp Fiction there is a rape scene in the film but the film isn’t about rape. Over the past couple of weeks there has been a lot of cases in the papers were men and woman are being rapped, in Cardiff there have been a lot of sex attacks by Cardiff University.

Charities that help rape victims

The Survivors Trust


The Survivors Trust is a charity that help people who have been victims of rape and other sex attacks, The Survivors Trust are connected with other  charities that help vulnerable adults. There is a growing number of men and women who are victim of sex attacks which is worrying so charities like this need to help people quickly.

The Survivors Trust have a lot of different services that help and support victims of rape, one of the services is a one to one counselling service where a man or woman can go and speak about the events that happened before they were raped. Counselling is a very good service that most people find useful as they are speaking about stuff that they find hard speaking about with others, Survivors Trust also help people who are in domestic relationships as well. Survivors Trust help put woman into refuges, women’s refuges are very popular because they have somewhere to go instead of going home to their partners.

For the subject matter of my script I chose to write a script on homophobic bullying and abuse, there aren’t many films or scripts that are written about this particular subject. I have watches several films about the subject one being Pride which is about the strike for the coal miners in Wales, in the film the gays decide to go help the coal miners fundraiser for their charity.

Homophobic abuse

Gay guy fighting bully

This is an image of a gay guy who has made a video where he rings up some of his old school bullies, this guy had been through some really horrendous bullying because of his sexuality. In the video Martin rings up one of his school bullies and tells them that he had been through some really bad bullying, the bully apologizes and says they were kids back then and that he didn’t know what being gay was back then. Not many people decide to ring up or contact their former school bullies but it’s a brilliant way of getting closure if the bullying is something that you haven’t been able to forget about. A lot of people from different backgrounds get bullied whether it’s because of body size, sexual orientation, race or disfigurements.

Positives and Negatives of social media



Social media is huge all over the world with websites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter being the most popular social networking websites. Social networking websites are websites that you can use to contact people from all over the world, a good thing about social networking websites are keeping in touch with long lost friends and families from all over the world.

There have been a lot of negative press about social media over the past couple of years, websites such as Twitter and Facebook have been used for bullying amongst other. A certain amount of people have been using Facebook to bully other members of the website this has caused a lot of suicides, the youngest person to commit suicide was ten years old. Paedophiles use Facebook to stalk and pray on younger children as well which is another negative to social media.

YouTube is a brilliant website that a lot of people can make money from, whether you sing, make films or like to make weekly blogs YouTube is an important talk in social media. YouTube has been used as a tool for some people who want to come out to their parents, Tom Daley a famous Olympic swimmer who came out on YouTube as an act of empowerment.

Tyler Oakley is one of the biggest YouTube personalities on the website, Tyler Oakley is a gay man who came out on YouTube. Since coming out on YouTube Tyler Oakley has gained so many fans including fans like Katy Perry, Tyler Oakley has travelled all over the world to make YouTube Videos.

I have used YouTube to put my college films and my own projects on so I can get some feedback in order to improve on my film making skills.

Bullying and charities

Bullying is a very important issue that need to be stamped out immediately, bullying can leave people vulnerable and unconfident. Bullies usually bully because they are insecure themselves or because they want to become the popular kid in school. Whether you are bullied because of body size, sexuality or race it leaves you feeling like you can’t talk about anyone about the bullying you’re going through. I have met a lot of gay people who had been bullied at school, most of them said they would go through humiliation everyday in school from bullies.

bullies out

Bullies Out are a charity that is based in Cardiff Town Centre, Bullies Out are a charity that help vulnerable young people who are being bullied at school. Bullies Out offer an on line mentoring service where a victim of bullying can chat to an experienced mentor online about their bullying, people who are being bullied find it hard speaking to people about their bullying to this service is a very helpful service. Bullies Out also hold talks at assemblies at schools to raise awareness of bullying. There aren’t a lot of charities or people that anyone can go to anywhere in the Uk so charities like this are very useful and they deserve all the funding they can get.

Stonewall Cymru

Stonewall Cymru are a gay rights charity in the UK, Stonewall Cymru are a charity that helps people who are being bullied about their sexuality. The welsh side of Stonewall go into school assemblies to education youngsters about gay rights and equality, recently gays now have rights to get married in the UK which is a big thing that Stonewall Cymru help fund raise.

Stonewall’s latest campaign is to go into different workplaces all over the UK to make sure people who are gay lesbian or transgender aren’t being bullied, this campaign is huge for the charity and it is proving to be working.

My Idea

My idea for my script is to have one continuous phone call all the way through the film of a guy who was victim of bullying at highschool of being gay, there is a film called Photobooth which is a film with one continuous phone calls and it proved to go down a hit. My main character is going to good through some really bad bullying, my main character will ring one of his bullies and tell them how much torture he went through at school.

A YouTube video of a guy who had rang up one of his bullies inspired me to make a film about this issue, my main character will have very low self esteem, this film will be tackling two issues which are bullying and homophobia. Homophobia is an issue which I have gone through being a gay man myself, to me this idea is very unique and i’m sure it hasn’t been done before.

In my script there will be two characters so it’s vital that I keep my audience entertained, this idea is very tricky but I am looking forward to pulling it off to the best of my abilities. I don’t think this idea will work so based on this idea I have come up with an idea that would be easier to follow visually.

My main idea is to have a gay couple holding each other’s hands across the street when they bump into a bully, the bully decides to take it upon himself to chase the gay couple. The gay couple will be cornered in an ally, the bully will get tell the main character of my film that he is sorry about all the bullying he had put him through. It will be revealed the chase was for nothing, the bully only wanted to apologize for his actions at school.

While the gay couple is being chased my main character will have a flashback of the bullying he went through when he came out.This flashback will add atmosphere so it will grip the audience. At the end of the video I would like to end of a positive note so having my main character stopping and shaking the bullies hand will be a good end scene for the script

Tweaking of my idea

Wedding Ring

There are a few little tweaks I am going to make to my idea, the main one will be the use of visuals in the script. I want to use visuals to tell me story as my script wont be dialogue ridden, scenes such as a shot of the engagement ring one of my gay characters will be wearing will contribute to the visuals of the film.

One of the main visuals of the script will be the flashback scene, the flashback scene will have shots of my main character Edward being bullied at school these scenes will add dramatic effect. As my film isn’t dialogue ridden I will be using the show not tell term, by not showing the audience what is going on means they have something that will surprise them when they watch the film. Another big tweaking of my idea is that I have chosen to have three characters now.

The story is such a small story in terms of storyline so the use of visuals will make the film look more simple, I would like to have close up of visuals like signs of stress my main character Edward could do something with his hands when he’s stressed. Other visuals will be a shot of the engagement ring and the flashback scene, the flashback scene is one of the most important parts of the film because you get to see the bullying that my main character has gone through and it adds dramatic effect.


Edward: Edward is my main character, he is a 24 year old gay man who was subjected to really bad homophobic bullying at school. Edward is at a happy stage of his life now, Edward is now engaged to the man of his dreams. Edward hasn’t forgotten about the bullying he had gone through, the bullying eats him away inside but since meeting his fiancé  he has never been so happy.

Lucas: Lucas is the fiancé of Edward, like Edward Lucas is 24 year’s old. Lucas met Edward about a year ago just after Edward finished school, Lucas is a very strong headed character he’s the glue that keeps the relationship going. Lucas is the type of person who will shout at someone if they say something negative about him or his boyfriend.

Eric: Eric is the schoolboy bully, Eric is 25 year’s old. Eric is a typical bully, he has some issues at home and decides to take it out on others he sees Edward and he’s jealous of how confident he is. Eric is secretly homophobic, when he finds out that Edward is gay he decides to take it upon himself to bully him some more. When Eric and Edward are grown up Eric has thought threw everything he had put people through at school, Eric wants to find everyone and apologise. Eric has moved on in his life now and he is expecting a child so by apologise he will be teaching his kids in the future that bullying is wrong.


Most sort films use a soundtrack to build tension, horror films tend to use soundtracks the most as well as drama’s. I would like to use a soundtrack for the flashback scene so it adds tension and build up, when Edward and his fiancé start running away from Eric. I will add a fast and loud sort of soundtrack something that they would use in a horror film, horror films have very good soundtrack when it comes to building up tension when they have chase scenes.


This is a YouTube clip of the Karate Kid, I put this clip in my blog to explain the sort of chase scene I will have in my script. The Karate Kid is about a young american boy who is bullied by a group of students, unlike this film my script will have a different chase scene.

I have put this clip in my blog because the location is similar to the location I would like my film to end in the script, my main character Edward and his boyfriend Lukas will run away from their former bully. While Edward is running he will have flashbacks of his bullying at school, the film will end in an ally where Eric the bully will confront Edward.

I have also picked this scene because of its soundtrack, the soundtrack in this scene adds tension and build up. The soundtrack suites the visuals in the film, overtime the boy gets a punch the music gets louder and louder.










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